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Bloomin’ Flowers

April 17, 2013

The coffee harvest time is over, and the plants have all been pruned to promote better growth.  Now the cycle starts over again!  Little white flowers are all over these plants now and boy do they have a strong smell!  We, quite literally, are surrounded by a cafetal (which is a coffee planation) and the fragrance is a little overwhelming, though the sight is quite beautiful!  I snapped some photos the day they started blooming, so here they are! 

A Flowering coffee plant (excuse the dead banana leaf hanging down there, this was the best I could do at getting a shot at a whole bush.  The landscape is a bit treacherous and I was in flip-flops… )

April 2013 096_108

A closer look at the plant…

April 2013 097_109

… and closer yet…

April 2013 104_112

The white/light dots are the flowers… they almost look like popcorn from a distance. (Taken from the left side of the house)

April 2013 092_105

Taken from the back of the house…

April 2013 098_110

Our back yard… (well not really, but since our back yard is only about 2 or 3 meters deep and is right up to the cafetal, it seems like it.

April 2013 105_113

So there you have it, bloomin’ flowers! 

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