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God’s Miraculous Provision

July 6, 2013

Time has flown by once again and in that time period since I last wrote, we have hosted more people from the States, (Brian has joked that we should start a tourist agency.  Ha!)  my in-laws left for a one year furlough and we moved into their house to watch it for them while they are gone.  Yes, that makes house number 3 in a little over 1 1/2 years and we will be moving again in a year!  Oh and a side note, Emma is walking!! Yay! 

Anyway, that’s not exactly what I planned on writing about today.  The Lord reminded me this morning about how good He is to take care of His children.  I was thinking back to even before we stated deputation, before we knew where God wanted us to serve (other than our home church) and Brian “just” worked a construction job, the number of times he took care of us.  So many times the Lord directed us to take steps that really didn’t make sense at all, but we knew that was what the Lord wanted.  There was a time when we only had $5.00 sometimes $10.00 a week for groceries, sometimes, but rarely, $15 if Brian was able to work overtime and the rest of the check went to our tithe/missions and bills.  No, we didn’t have cable or internet, no extra anything, but we were fine.   The Lord took care of us!  We had food to eat and a nice warm apartment to call home.  How in the world we had food to eat is beyond me!  But the Lord did it!  My dad got a deer that fall and gave us some of the meat and some other groceries too, that was just one way the Lord took care of us.  Another time we had our car insurance bill coming up and no way to pay it, believe me, we cut as much as we could cut and it still would not be able to be paid.  I remember Brian saying that he went to the Lord and told Him that He promised to provide for us and so far it hadn’t come.  Well, just the next day Brian’s boss gave him a Christmas bonus check for $500, which took care of our insurance!  The Lord used that time to really teach me what “needs” are and what “wants” are.  Preparation for what He would call us to next… At that time we didn’t have direction as to where or when he would direct us to a country or people group He wanted us to serve.  We were in this kind of situation for about 5 months, then the Lord gave us direction and we were able to start deputation.  But there are those pesky start up costs, like a presentation, display and projector.  How would we pay for those?!  So many times we received money anonymously.  To this day we have no idea who the givers were.  The beginning of deputation was a little un-nerving for me, but I knew that if God had taken care of us this far (and He had!) then He would take care of us in the next step we took.  When we started fulltime deputation another 8 months later we were booked solid!  God is good!  The love offerings took care of us.  We didn’t have a credit card, didn’t borrow money, just allowed God to work and boy did He!  We were in a church that had a food pantry and they gave all of us missionaries big boxes of food and told us to come back any time to get more food!!  God says He will provide for your food, clothing and lodging, He never goes back on His promises!! 

Do you remember when we had car trouble and it would have cost $4,000 to fix, but God gave us a car to use for the remainder of deputation??  If not, read about it here!

Ok, one more story and I’m done…  I don’t remember what level of support we were at, but since we came to Costa Rica on 75% of $3200 (our goal), I know we didn’t have much.  We had traveled from Ohio to Montana for a meeting and once we arrived at the hotel the church had provided, we realized we only had $45.00 left in our bank account to get us to the west coast of Washington state.  We wouldn’t get a paycheck until the following Friday.  We didn’t know what we were going to do.  But God knew!  The church had been preparing for us and gave us a HUGE love offering!  It was enough to get us to Washington and all the way back to Ohio the next week and all expenses that we had while traveling! 

I love hearing stories about how God has provided for others!  If you have a story to tell; tell it so that God can receive the glory and that others may be encouraged!!        

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