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Sinking Roads

September 11, 2013

We’ve been having a lot more rain the last several weeks.  This is normal though, it’s just that time of year, and it will most likely get worse.  And along with that time of year comes landslides.  At this point, thankfully, they are very small and don’t even fall too much on the roadways but give us a little warning to perhaps where we may see more problems in the next few moths.  There is a certain part of the road (a pretty major road to our part of the country that trucks and buses travel a lot.) that has been having trouble for years.  As in, the road has fallen away.  To solve this problem they just put up signs to keep people from driving too close to the edge.  There is one section where the road has started to break away for several years but has really gotten worse in the last year, but we would still drive over it.  Brian felt it was safer to drive over the road way that is falling away than to drive in the other lane around a blind curve and hit someone head on! I agree!!  However about 3 weeks ago when we drove down for my weekly chiropractor visit, we saw them drilling holes in the asphalt.   I had a sinking feeling they were not planning to fix the road, but were going to put up signs so that people couldn’t drive on it.  Well that’s what they did!  The next week we came down and the signs were up.  In the last month the road really has started sinking down more, so it won’t be too much longer before it is gone.  I was prepared with the camera this week!

Sept2013 002_573


Sept2013 003_574


Sept2013 004_575


Sept2013 005_576


Sept2013 008_578

The picture below is just around the curve from the previous pictures.   This one has been like this for years, but is not as bad as some of the landslide areas. In this stretch of road there are now three areas like this that are now one lane.

Sept2013 011_581


Sept2013 013_583

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